.fullpost{display:inline;} Your Liberty Reserve account is empty? Do not worry there is a program to increase the dollar at your Liberty Reserve account by guessing the Captcha code and will be paid to your Liberty Reserve . If you do not have a Liberty Reserve account, feel free to register there.

This program is very good to earn small penny and of course for having fun. It is easier and simple compared with PTC who require a long time to earn small penny and payment process. Moreover, if you connected to internet intensely , maybe you can earn more dollars.

Captcha2Cash Pay to Liberty Reserve only by guessing Captcha Code, each correct answer worth $ 0.002, $ and only 0.10 minimum to withdraw via Liberty Reserve. I accidentally discovered while searching at search engine about sources of income for Liberty Reserve. Immediately, follow these steps below:

1. Sign in to captcha2cash.com
2. input username, password, email and LR account.
3. Registration is completed, signed / login with username and password
4. Now it’s time to guess the captcha code, click the menu “Captcha”
5. Please writel the code and click “Send”
6. Each 1 (one) correct answer get a $ 0,002
7. Withdraw request minimum $ 0.10 to Liberty Reserve (Automatic Payment)

Very easy isn’t it?

Just count how many dollar per day you want since there are unlimited captcha code available per day. But make sure that all of your answers must be correct, each correct answer will be accumulated in the account balance. When your balance is not increasing then maybe your answers wrong, or if received answer is correct but there is no increasing at you balance then the possibility is that your internet connection is not good.

You are afraid that this is another scam program?, do not worry about that, here I show this last payment proof from my friend received at november, 25th 2009 :

Good luck.

<a href=”http://www.bidvertiser.com”>affiliate program</a>

or try this one

On pixprofit.com, all you have to do is enter captcha codes to earn money. However, the minimum payment is $3.00 and this can take a while to reach. So, when you sign up with me, i make the minimum payout $.08.

For every 100 Captcha codes you complete, i will pay you 7 cents. If you are active, i will pay you 8 cents.

Bonuses– 500 captchas in a day- 5c bonus
-750 captchas in a day- 7c bonus
-1000 captchas in a day- 9c bonus

First, sign up at pixprofit.com (there is no referral link).
Then, request a group code from me and put it in.
Finally, as long as you are above 100 captchas, request payout from me (only PP).


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