Film The Hunt For Gollum

Once upon a time, “fan films” meant grainy flicks of not much better cinematic quality than the stag movies you used to find in the attics of recently deceased male relatives who smelled funny, and whom you really didn’t like to hug at family gatherings. But now we live a world in which George Takei stars as Sulu in a fan film that (albeit controversially) gets nominated for a Nebula, and in which the Batman vs. Aliens vs. Predator fan movie Batman: Dead End is boatloads better than the Alien vs. Predator movies the studios have been giving us.

So now we have the Lord of the Rings online fan flick The Hunt for Gollum … Chris Bouchard’s 40-minute mini-epic based on material peppered throughout Tolkien’s much bigger epic about Aragorn’s tracking of Gollum just before the events of Fellowship of the Ring.