Shaun Of The Dead

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Zombie comedy from the team behind TV’s ‘Spaced’. The dead rise, leaving Simon Pegg and friends fighting for survival in north London

There’s only so much you can do with the plotting of a zombie movie – the living dead are hungry, they want to eat you, you have to fight to survive. The team behind award-winning Channel 4 TV show ‘Spaced’ – director and co-writer Edgar Wright and co-writer and star Simon Pegg – stick to this plot in their feature debut, but they give proceedings a winning twist by splicing zombie horror with romantic comedy to create a fundamentally good-natured film that verges on the surreal.

Shaun (Pegg) is an amiable type, but he’s got no direction in life, working in a cruddy electronics shop by day and boozing in his local pub, The Winchester, by night. His best friend, Ed (Frost), is a waster, spending his time playing Playstation and selling a bit of dope. But Shaun’s girlfriend, Liz (Ashfield), wants a bit more – she wants some variety, some ambition.

Shaun just can’t seem to get it together, so, egged on by her friends David (Moran) and Diane (Davis), Liz dumps Shaun. Waking up the next day after a piss-up with Ed (“It’s not the end of the world,” he consoles, ironically), Shaun doesn’t even notice the living dead shuffling along the streets of his north London neighbourhood. Then one turns up in his back garden. “Oh my god, she’s so drunk,” Shaun surmises jokingly. Then she tries to bite. “What do you think we should do?” “Have a sit down?” decide Ed and Shaun, but they soon realise it’s not going to be that simple, as zombies (“Don’t say that! The zed word!”) start breaking into their house.