Do you know anything about file extentions? As fas as I know file extentions are three or four or even more letter codes at the end of computer file names. They will tell to operating system, such as; Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 95/98/ME/2000, Linux and etc). For example; when we are downloading new software, the downloading result becomes editor for a file format on our computer. According to the data that I have read many researchers have done any research and collected a very large list of the File extensions and many with detailed explanations of each file type and the way they are used recently.

I believe that when we play or using computers, we sometimes finds with unknown file extentions. We should not be worried because as soon as we find that kind of extension, we just look up the information about desired file extension and its association with When you are visiting, you will find a lot of kinds of File Extensions but from most of them, File Extension TMP, File Extension PPS, and File Extension TORRENT are the most poplular ones. Besides

being able to see the most popular file extension, you can also see most recently accessed file extentions, such as; There are a large number of file extension, such as; 0E, DVDRIP, CML, anda many more. Please visit for more info.