Around eleven days again, we are going to leave 2008 and have New Year 2009. For me and my wife, New Year is always special. It is special not only because of New Year but also because of my wife birthday. Yes, January 1st is my wife birthday dan this 2009 January will be her 35th one. That why in every change from 2008 into 2009, we always celebrate it together and happily. Sometimes we have a small party and invite our family to celebrate together but sometimes only me and my wife who celebrate it.

There is one thing that I will never forget and miss when celebrating it, that is giving my wife a special gift. And every year, I always give different surprising gift. This year, I am planning to give a lingerie. And last night, when I was browsing for lingerie, I stopped at Flirty Lingerie is a perfect and suitable places for mothers, women or people who would like to look for any kinds of lingerie. There are many kinds of different lingeries and people can choose based on the brand, material, price and else.

What I like being here because I think I found a lingerie for my wife, that is leather lingerie. Their leather lingerie would be perfect and look sexy in my wife’s body. Especially the color because black is her favorite color. Besides leather lingerie, this site also offers leather teddies and this type matches for women who want to look very sexy and sensual in front of their husbands or couples.