When I was looking for a website that offer job for job seekers, I found climber. What make me interested in opening this because this site is a really interesting job seeking site. Unlike others similar sites, it is different because it is unique. This site is very good for passive job seekers. Sometime happen to have no time for searching for a new job or a new position (a good job search can cost hours every days and sometimes, especially if you work in an office and you cannot have a “private” Internet session, you are not able to connect to job sites!).

Climber has, for this reason, created this site: members are only recruited when an opportunity that matches with their needs is inserted into the system. Then you just need to receive a “call” and you don’t need to browse every day climber’s pages. Is this a good solution? Can Climber really help you? The answer seems to be yes: all the people recruited trough Climber have received a 15% average increase in salary, about 10% higher than the average value of a traditional job search engine. So, if you need to search for a job, don’t forget to register yourself with Climber…and if you are searching for a new worker for your company, take a look at the Climber workers’ database: you surely will find the competence you are looking for.

They will try to help their members to be recruited for the job matches to them but they do not promise that they will get the jobs have better career move. At least, they will give then the chances to know their work of places value, do a work value assessment. For more info, please visit climber